Nicole Summers Isn't Dead!
Nicole Summers Isn't Dead!
Hi everyone! Thiss is my blog! I just graduated and decided to document my new life after H.S. Have fun following me!!!
Going away.

Hey everyone! 

Okay so I have an update for y’all, and it’s a sucky one to. 

Life hasn’t really gotten any better lately, in fact it’s gotten worse if anything. My insomnia has gotten severely worse, I can’t remember the last time I slept. Even when I have slept(napped), it hasn’t been very refreshing. Usually whenever I do nap, it feels like I haven’t slept at all, in fact my parents told me they catch me sleep walking sometimes; I actually found that incredibly funny, I don’t think I do but it’s whateve’s. Maybe they’re exaggerating.

I have been dreaming whenever I nap though, and again they are the same dreams over and over again. It’s either me(but not me) doing something or getting beaten, those people that were in my room at the hospital or something else, something strange. I’ve also been dreaming of that Tall Man, but I’ve been dreaming about the Tall Man so much, that I think I’m starting to see him. It’s been freaking me out and has been making me super paranoid lately. I feel as if whenever I go out with my friends, or even when I’m home alone, I feel I’m always being watched. I finally broke down to my mom and dad how I’ve been feeling, they said its probably just another tip of the ice berg like last time, (last time?) they figured I needed to spend some time some where else for some rest.

So long story short, I’m leaving town for awhile. My parents are sending me to live at my aunts house pretty far away, worse part is that it’s in the country HOW LAME. Ugh! I can’t believe my parents are doing this to me an-

Huh how strange, I could of sworn I saw someone outside my window just now. Meeeeeeeh I’m to scared to go see if someone is there. Maybe I will see if curiosity get’s the best of me, but until then I’m going to write in my notebook about that Me in my dream. 

I’ll try and update y’all soon.


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