Nicole Summers Isn't Dead!
Nicole Summers Isn't Dead!
Hi everyone! Thiss is my blog! I just graduated and decided to document my new life after H.S. Have fun following me!!!
A Voice.

So, lately I’ve been alone a lot. It’s pretty unusual of me to be alone a lot, and for so long. My mom thinks I’ve become depressed, and I’m starting to think that maybe I just am. I keep dreaming of that Girl, I keep seeing that symbol, those people, and that Man.

I’ve also been hearing a voice.

No not many voices. 

Just one voice. 

I think it’s the Tall Man half the time, but I also think its Them.

It’s telling me to submit.

I’m starting to get really scared.

I think maybe leaving my home for awhile will be a good thing. Maybe I can be my old self again. 

Maybe… Just maybe.

Posted on Monday, July 28th at 03:18AM

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