Nicole Summers Isn't Dead!
Nicole Summers Isn't Dead!
Hi everyone! Thiss is my blog! I just graduated and decided to document my new life after H.S. Have fun following me!!!

Hey everyone, I’m sorry I didn’t update y’all right away on the letter. I recently had an aunt who passed away so things have been kind of depressing around the house, and it doesn’t help that I’ve had insomnia as well as some crazy anxiety to go with it. Also I’ve haven’t had any time to update the blog because of how sick my aunt has been, it’s just been a difficult time with all the stuff going on. Thanks everyone for being patient with me.

So I’ll start off by saying that since my aunt has been sick, things have gotten a lot worse and my faith in God has been waning. I haven’t slept because every time I do, I end up dreaming about that Girl, or those people who were in my room. Oh! and the Tall Man, who I don’t even think is a man; I could swear the other day he was in/around my house. Things in my home are starting to get extra paranormal and its really freaking me the hell out, I shouldn’t even be talking like this; I should have faith in God but I don’t. The other night, I was laying in bed and I started hearing noises, I kept my eyes closed thinking maybe the sound will go away and I could fall back asleep. I felt like something was staring at me, finally I just opened my eyes and I saw it. Standing at the other end of my room, and it was looking at me with it’s eyeless face. I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, I felt like it was pinning me down. I felt like it was talking to me, with its mouthless mouth. I haven’t slept since. I haven;t been by myself since. I haven’t slept. and I feel myself becoming more paranoid and anxious. My friends have also stopped talking to me. I started giving up hope and even thought about killing myself, until I got this letter.

The letter literally showed up the day my aunt passed away, whats even weirder was that it also came with a rosary. It says:

To Ms. Summer,

     We have been watching you for some time now, we feel you need our help. We can help you understand the being El Hombre Alto, and can protect you from being his victim to being his compadre.

    If you want in, we will give you to this Saturday to think our offer over. Meet @midnight where the cotton was once harvested and packaged, you know where exactly. 

                                                                         We hope to hear from you soon.

                                                                             El Aquelarre.

I think this is the same group that was in my hospital room, they seem to have been watching me. So I guess I was right to be paranoid. I also think they knew that my aunt was going to die because of the rosary that came with it. There is only one cotton gin in my area, and that is the one behind my house. I really want this to stop, so I think I’m going to meet them Saturday. They seem to know alot, I just want to go back to the way things were before all of this. I think El Hombre Alto is the Tall Man thing that’s been following me. I really want this all to stop.

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